What made you smile in 2016? 

I found it very challenging to answer some of the questions in the planner. 

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, have a look at my previous post here

The planner starts with a simple page with the following question: “If you did, how did your word help to guide you through the last 12 months? Can you think of any specific examples?”

Now, we established that I was pretty rubbish last year and did not have a word, so let’s skip this part shall we? 

Ok then, now this is where the fun begins! These are some of the questions that the planner encourages you to think about:

What did you embrace in 2016?

What did you let go of in 2016?

What made you smile in 2016? 

What conclusions did you reach in 2016? 

When did fear hold you back in 2016? 

I am sure that you think that these are pretty straight forward questions. If so, lucky you! You can write down anything you can think of. 

I’ll share some of my answers with you…

What changed for you in 2016? The way I see and think about friendship. I learned that friendships are like a sapling. They need water, food, sun and attention. Friendships are just the same. I have done it but not very well. I focused on friendships that didn’t really exist in the first place and forgot the ones that really mattered. I didn’t give it enough attention or time. 

Also, I learned to be selective. You can be friendly with many people but only a handful will be worthy of being called a friend. And this goes both ways. 

What did you discover about yourself in 2016? Never allow yourself to become someone else’s shadow. Be yourself, no matter what others think. Nobody is perfect. Don’t hide under the shadow of your popular friend or the extroverted friend that always knows what to say. Embrace who you are and not what people expect you to be. 

What were you most grateful for in 2016? Finding out who my true friends are. 

What made you smile in 2016? Arianna was born in March 2016 and she’s like my niece. She’s my best friend’s daughter. When I hit rock bottom, she made it possible for me to focus on something else. And that smile of hers… was just the best! 

What conclusions did you reach in 2016? I am good enough! 

Obviously, these are the short answers. This planner was designed to help you go deep into your thoughts. You are encouraged to write down everything therefore, my answers are much longer and complicated than the short version. 

In any case, I thought I would put it out there. For you. For the universe. For me to look back at the end of 2017 and see how much I have changed. For anyone that can relate to it. For anyone who is willing to give it a try. 



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