Goodbye 2016…

Talking about feelings has never been easy for me.

Everytime I had to, I thought “ok, this is exactly what I’m going to say” and then… it just turned out completely wrong. The words were not the same I had planned in my head, meanings got misunderstood, or I’d start with one thing only to ended up arguing about something that was clearly not the starting point.

Why did I have to plan what I was going to say? Well, because in the heat of the moment, I’d get embarrassed, I’d forget words, sometimes nothing I said would be connected and things just got worse.

Before I start putting in writing all the new and exciting things I want to plan for next year, I thought I’d share some of the questions in the last couples of pages (still reflecting on 2016).

Accomplishments and challenges.

List three things that went really well this year. What skills helped you make it happen? What have you learned about yourself? How has your life changed? How did you celebrate your accomplishment(s)? 

List three situations that have tested your limits. How did you deal with the challenge? Did you discover any new tools that could help you in the future? How has your life changed? What have you learned about yourself?

In addition, Susannah encourages you to think about a favourite day, moment or occasion of 2016 and asks you to describe it in as much detail as possible.

And lastly, you are asked if anything happened in 2016 that needs to be forgiven. Either something someone did or said to you, or something you did or said to someone.

My challenges of the year 2016?

Losing my father to cancer, ending a relationship and confronting friends.

And with this post, I end my review of 2016. Let’s plan 2017!!





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