My word for 2017

I have finally found the word that is going to guide me in 2017.


My word is: self-awareness.

From the beginning, I was drawn to this word but I thought that doing the Find Your Word course, could maybe help me find a variation of this word, a different word and/or the supporting words to guide me throughout 2017.

This course consists of 5 emails in the course of 5 days. Susannah guides you towards finding your word with inspiring emails.

When I think about my word I feel something down my spine…butterflies in my stomach. It leaves me feeling happy and excited for all the new things to come.

I also found my supporting words: Explore and Direction.

There is a third word that keeps following me and that is Forgiveness.

There’s quite a lot of forgiving to do and I am sure I need to be forgiven as well.

I feel wonderful now that I have found my word. Looking forward to the new year.



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