Setting Up Goals For 2017

The mistake that I always make – and I guess this goes for almost everyone- is to just tell myself what my goals are. I’ll have this long and ambitious list in my head but no direction!

How am I actually going to achieve those goals? What are the steps? How many steps do I have to follow? What exactly do I have to do?

And by the end of January, I have either failed at some of them or forgotten about them completely.

Well, this year is going to be different. That’s one of the reasons why I created this blog right? To make sure I document the changes in my life and see if I can actually reach some of my goals.

For the moment, I have 2 big goals for the coming year. But why focus only on these when I could have several small ones?

In addition to the Unravel Your Year 2017 , I also received the link for a very simple monthly planner (a square for each day of the month). Like that, you have a quick overview of the whole month.

Now, I have 3 goals for January already in place and I’ll share 2 of them here:

1) to stick to my gym plan. How am I going to do it? I have already done the planning for the whole month. I’ll be carrying my gym bag (which I’ll be preparing the night before) everyday so I have no excuses. And then… to get the bus home I actually have to go past the gym. No excuses!!!

2) to write on my journal daily. When? I’ll try my best to do it in the mornings while having my coffee. Otherwise, at night before bed. By writing I mean simple things such as something good that happened that day, something I am grateful for, a quote, an image, a thought…anything positive!

I am writing this post as a reminder that, I should take one day at the time. Enjoy the little, positive things that happen everyday. And that it’s ok to set up small goals for yourself.






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