Break The Habit

Today I came across this sentence:

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.”

and it got me thinking the whole day. How many times do we talk about something good, whenever the question “how are you” pops up? Probably not many times. Probably not enough. Human beings have a tendency to complain. Its just the way it is. Most people are rarely happy. Content maybe, but not happy.

The house, the kids, the in-laws, the boyfriend/girlfriend, the crap job or the unappreciative boss and colleagues, the friend that turned out to be a back-stabbing bitch and now you want everyone to know about… I mean, the list could go on.

My thought on this is that, in a way, we look for some kind of reassurance from other people when we talk about our troubles. We look for that understanding facial expression in the other person and that, somehow, makes us feel better.

So here’s a challenge: next time you are asked how you are, find something positive to talk about. Focus on the positive things that have happened, even if they sound silly. Forget about your problems… (If your problem has a solution then… why worry about it? If your problem doesn’t have a solution then…why worry about it?).

Talking to a friend about it, she said… “Yea but positive things don’t happen everyday!” …

Me: *rolling my eyes*

Of course they do. You just have to notice it.

How am I today? I am great! It was a wonderful sunny Winter day, we had a good laugh at the office and I met someone really interesting and nice.

Good things do happen everyday… you just need to become aware of it.

Try it for a week.


Disclaimer: This image belongs to Sabine Jacobs Photography



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