To Make Amends With The Past

How do you go about making amends with the people in your past?

How long do you wait? When is it the “right time”?

Do you try to explain yourself or do you limit yourself to answer the other person’s questions?

It’s important to try and fix mistakes that you have made in the past, in order to move forward but it’s equally important to know when to stop trying.

There’s only so many times you can apologize and explain yourself. After that, it becomes their problem and no longer yours.

Funnily enough, in this exact moment, I find myself in both situations.

I need to be forgiven and I need to forgive and neither is easy.

I wish it was. 



3 thoughts on “To Make Amends With The Past

  1. Aw I’m flattered. I think you’ve hit far more points than I have ever considered on this topic but here’s my two cents.

    If you follow the theory of humans being innately selfish i.e. even good deeds are interpreted as selfish actions because they make YOU feel good – it’s always about you. You may think that you are providing the other party with closure too, but it all leads back to how this allows you to feel better about yourself. By extension, this is what allows us, humans, to feel empathy.

    I’d prefer a less narcissistic approach and see it more as a component of maturity, kindness and the pursuit of fairness. We do have a moral compass and there is a reason we don’t enjoy explanation number one. We abhor these traits and want to do the right things for the right reasons.

    I mean what would the alternative be? Leave the past to the past? Sure, it paves a way to move forward but that path maybe made a little more difficult because you are carrying some regrets and weights from the past. Uff..that’s all I have. Hope it was worth the read! Your post definitely was for me.


    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Interesting topic indeed. You just gave me something to think about. Great for a follow up post.
      I’d be interested in your opinion if you feel like sharing.

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