Having A Vision Of What We Want In Our Lives

‘Sometimes when we feel a lack of inner peace it’s because we have lost sight of, or haven’t decided what we want in our lives.

Not a fantasy longing, but a real idea of the person we want to be. It isn’t necessarily enough to meditate or use mindfulness to empty the mind. It is important to also use the quiet, still time to let the inner person come through.

Having a positive mental picture of being a whole and healthy person is in itself a manageable aspiration that gives us a constructive framework. Each of us will have a different vision of what that important framework is, what is most vital for us to achieve within our abilities (or possibly beyond them), as long as it allows us to be at peace with ourselves. Perhaps that is an aspiration that we all share fundamentally – to be at peace – and can meditate on how we can best achieve it.

And what happens when we don’t have a vision of our lives?

We become scattered and less clear as to what our own private core values are if they are not in some way hinged to who we are and how we want to be or what we want to become.

Spend some time working out what constitutes a peaceful life for yourself.

Once we know what it is we are seeking, it is easier to find.’

Saatchi Art Artist Nicola Pucci; Painting, “Woman at the mirror

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