Three Minute Meditation

1.Become aware.

Sitting or standing in a balanced posture, bring your awareness into the inner experience you’re having and acknowledge the thoughts going through your mind and the feelings going through your body at the moment.

2. Focus on the physical sensation of the breath.

Watch and feel the movement of thee abdomen rising and falling with each breath. Don’t try to change the breath, just observe it as it is. When your attention wanders, guide it back gently to the breathing with your whole focus.

3. Expand the field of awareness

around the breathing so that it includes a sense of the body as a whole. Whenever there is particular tension or discomfort , imagine the breath reaching these areas to bring a sense of relaxation and comfort. In this way you are being self-compassionate, nurturing any unpleasant sensations – healing them rather than trying to banish them.

Keep returning to the body as a whole and each breath until the pressure shifts  and a more peaceful feelings ensue.


(Three Minute Mediation from Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Professor Mark Williams and Danny Penman)


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