It’s Ok

It’s ok that you didn’t go to the gym everyday this week.

It’s ok that you had that piece of chocolate and a gin and tonic. 

It’s ok that you had all the good intentions to be super productive today but instead, spent the whole day scrolling through Pinterest, pining DIYs projects that you’ll never make. 

It’s ok to daydream.

It’s ok to spend the whole weekend in pj’s and eat all of the pizza and ice cream.

It’s ok to be in a bad mood.

It’s ok to open up to others.

It’s ok to cry in front of others. 

It’s ok not to be what others expect you to be. 

It’s ok not to be perfect, because no one is. 

It’s ok not to wear make up.

It’s ok to like books instead of going out every weekend. 

It’s ok to experiment.

It’s ok to be gay or straight or not to be at all. 

It’s ok to feel unmotivated.

It’s ok to put on weight. Just buy slightly bigger trousers. 

It’s ok to say no. 

It’s ok to take a break. 

What is not ok is…for you to feel guilty about who you truly are. 

Because you only live once.

Illustration by Sally Nixon


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