Apricity: the warmth of the sun in winter. (obsolete)

And yes, I am well aware that it’s August and Summer time here in England.

It had been raining for days now.
The weather has been grey and dull and suddenly quite cold.

I woke up this morning without much desire to get out of bed but it turned out to be a wonderful sunny day. With some clouds mind you! It is England after all.

As I was walking down the street on my way to the office, I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and it just felt nice…
I was walking and trying to read my book at the same time without hitting a lamp post or someone else.
I went past a place where I sometimes get coffee. The place has this huge window, perfect for people watching.

I decided to go in despite being slightly late for work. I got a coffee to go and asked the old man if I could sit next to him. He smiled, ‘of course!it’s such a beautiful day and we rarely get them. Sit down and enjoy your coffee and book’.

And so I did.



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